LN+ for YouTube Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us at Learning Notes Plus for udemy. This privacy statement is applicable to both Chrome browser extensions and our website.

The data we collect or process is only used to enhance Learning Notes Plus for udemy’s usability and for its basic functions. Your information has never been sold to a third party and will never be.

What data is being accessed or stored?

Your extension data (such as notes list, video/notion link, and extension settings) are transferred and stored securely, purely for your use within our extension, and are not shared with any third parties, unless otherwise mentioned in this policy. We utilize the chrome.storage API and the Notion API to send and store your data.

Information accessible via WebExtensions API

The Web Browser enforces the fine-grained permission levels of the WebExtension APIs used by extensioon, limiting the information to which our extension has access within your browser. The Learning Notes Plus for udemy extension can only access information for which you have granted express permission. We cannot track your internet history and do not.

When you enable specific features, additional optional permissions may be required. When you enable a feature that requests an optional permission, your web browser will make the desired permission(s) obvious. Once you provide the requested permission, the feature will become available (s).

Notion API

We create a database and pages for the video notes using the Notion API. We don’t edit, update or remove any data.

YouTube API

We use YouTube API for reading youtube playlist videos . We don’t change, update or delete any data.

Do we share information with outside parties?

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transmit your personally identifiable information to third parties. We may use any of the information we receive from you to tailor your experience. Your information enables us to better respond to your specific requirements and to enhance our service. We continually strive to enhance our extension offers based on the information and comments you provide.

If you have any queries regarding the collection, analysis, or use of your personal information, please email my@esast.com.

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