ChatGPT and LN+ for Web User’s Guide

If you have already completed the integration setup with Notion according to the setup instructions of LN+ for Web, this document mainly explains the integration operation of ChatGPT.

Brain icon below the conversation box in the New Chat screen

By clicking this icon, LN+ for Web will create a Notion note for you. This note is not for recording the conversation results with ChatGPT, but is your ChatGPT knowledge base, which can be used to record your commonly used prompts or prompts shared by others in the community.

After clicking on this brain icon, LN+ for Web will help you create and open a Notion note window, which is where you can organize your ChatGPT prompts notes.

💥If you started using LN+ for Web before version 1.0.6, the note screen you see may be different from yours. If you also want this note template, please refer to the instructions at the bottom of this document.

Question: How to create notes for the conversation results with ChatGPT?

You must click on the “New Chat” in the upper left corner of ChatGPT to put the current conversation into history mode.

The note-taking icon below the conversation box in the chat record screen

After you press New Chat, your conversation with ChatGPT will enter history mode, although it is in history mode, you can still continue to chat with ChatGPT, and ChatGPT will remember your previous conversation with it. After entering history mode, you will see the note-taking icon below the conversation box. At this time, press the note-taking icon, LN+ for Web will create a Notion note for this conversation record. This note is associated with this conversation record, so when you click note-taking again next time, LN+ for Web will open the last note for you, instead of opening a new note.

After creating the note, LN+ for Web will automatically open the created Notion note window, and you can start organizing notes for this conversation.

🎈Tips and tricks for using ChatGPT.

The chat history record name you see may be set to New Chat or ChatGPT based on your conversation record’s first question, but sometimes it won’t be set for you. You can modify the chat history record name yourself. It is recommended to modify the chat history record name before clicking on the new note, so that the note name created by LN+ for Web will be the same as the chat history record name you set.

If you are using a version prior to LN+ for Web 1.0.6.

Previous versions did not separate the New Chat page, so the notes you created on this page before may not be the note template above when you click the brain icon. If you also want this built-in note template, you can do the following.

💥Back up any Notion notes you created on the New Chat page. For example, copy the contents of the note to another place.

Delete this Notion note

Return to the ChatGPT New Chat page, right-click the mouse, find the option for Learning Notes Plus for Web, and then click Clear Web Note Link Cache.

Now, when you click the Brain icon again, LN+ for Web will create a new Notion note with a template of notes.