ChatGPT learning resouces and ideas

This page collects various learning resources and usage scenarios for ChatGPT, and we will continue to update this page. You can join the LN+ for Web Discord server, and we will share updates on the Discord server if there are any changes to the content on this page.

ChatGPT Usage Scenario Collection

  • This Github project collects various usage scenarios and examples of how to prompt (prompt) for ChatGPT.

Learn programming with ChatGPT

  • In this article, the author introduces how to learn Python with ChatGPT, and at the end of the article, the author also compiled a list of tips that you can use to ask ChatGPT questions about the Python programming language. However, the author also mentioned that ChatGPT may also give you wrong answers, so you need to have the ability to judge for yourself. Therefore, this article is still more suitable for people who have already learned Python to review the syntax of Python.
  • This 3-hour course teaches students how to use ChatGPT to develop professional web applications, using modern tools and libraries including React, Express, and MongoDB. No programming experience is required, but basic JavaScript and web development experience is preferred. Students will learn how to use ChatGPT to optimize, refactor, and increase their code productivity, as well as object-oriented programming and React functional components.

Marketing with ChatGPT

Create your own business

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