Use the Notion AI feature to summarize udemy’s courses

Recently, Notion launched an artificial intelligence feature that makes AI a powerful assistant when you take notes. If you are interested in Notion AI functions, you can refer to this article introduction.

Today, the editor is going to introduce how to use LN+ for udemy with Notion AI’s summary function, so that when you finish a lecture, you can summarize the lecture transcript into key notes, or you can read the transcript summary notes before the class, and then look at the details of the course, which is also helpful for improving learning efficiency.

Step 1 – Show the transcript of the lecture.

Udemy courses that provide subtitles also provide a transcript of the course, as shown in the following figure. There is an icon to open the transcript in the playback control of the course.

Step 2 – Open the lecture’s Notion Notebook

If you have installed LN+ for udemy, you will see a prompt to take notes at the bottom left of the lecture. Click on “Take Notes” to open the Notion notes for this lecture.

Step 3 – Copy the transcript to Notion Notes

Step 4 – Use Notion AI’s summarization feature to make a summary of the transcript.

A floating window will appear to show the summary results of Notion. If you are not satisfied with the AI summary results, you can select Try again. If you are satisfied, you can click Replace to replace the transcript with the summary, or select Insert to insert the summary into the Notion note.


This feature is quite convenient for those who want to quickly grasp the key points of the lecture. If you have learned the Snowball Speed Reading method, you can try to apply it to online courses. First look at the transcript summary of the course and then watch the video content details. You will find that learning in this way is more efficient, because learning itself is to invoke people’s past memories. You will have a general impression of the key points first, and then when you watch the course content, you will pay special attention to the parts you are not familiar with, and the parts you are already familiar with can be quickly skipped.

We hope this Howto can help everyone learn quickly and gain more skills in the new year to be more competitive in the workplace.

Notion AI is not yet open to all users. Please apply to this website.

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